• Presses roll on “SWAW 30th Anniversary Revised Edition (cover above)
• And Not to be missed, The DAR’s “Eye Opening: New Research…”

Spoken Without a Word, 30th Anniversary Revised Edition—A Baltimore Album Revival Commemorative, will ship in February! It could never have been what it has become, without the contemporary beauty—quotes and photos—gifts from BAS members and such generous others around the world. Also a gift, though unsolicited, is this Edition’s concrete evidence,shared by Album Scholar Ronda McAllen, confirming the thrust of Dr. Dunton’s speculation that professional artistry was involved in antebellum group-­‐productions of High-­‐Style Baltimores. For each and all these treasures shared, dear Friends, please accept my humble gratitude.

“On January 20, 1849, a small advertisement appeared on page 2 in The Sun Newspaper of Baltimore.” On SWAW 2014 p148, Ronda presents that ad, asking “Are these the professionally designed and basted squares which reappear in the Album quilts during this period?…Who is Miss Chase…? Further research may well piece together the patchwork of this most intriguing mystery.” Washington, DC’s DAR Museum’s website notes that on March 14, 2015, “Historians, curators, conservators, and authors come together to present the latest research on quilts of the area.” Ronda’s will be among the addresses offered at this “Eye Opening: New Research on Maryland and Virginia Quilts,” symposium. Space limited. Register on­‐opening­‐new-‐research­‐on‐early‐quilts‐of‐maryland-­and-virginia‐tickets­‐13975151053

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I look forward to seeing you soon, either at my upcoming Book‐signing/Trunk Show at Kathy Dunigan’s Academy of Appliqué, February 3-­‐6, 2015  in Dallas (, or perhaps at the DAR Reception and Symposium!

                                                                                      —Elly Sienkiewicz